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Learn a Holistic Selfcare Botox Alternative

Botox has become so widespread... but there are so many risks in using it!
There is a NATURAL ALTERNATIVE, that actually works the facial muscles to tighten, brighten and lift the face!

So, what is the alternative?


*and no, it does NOT leave marks on your face!


What is Facial Cupping?

It is an alternative natural method that uses suction to increase blood flow, oxygenate the skin, work the muscles and regenerate skin cells & collagen on the face - the process slows down aging and smooths out wrinkles for an amazingly GLOWING face !

Results include:

- Skin brightening

- Improves facial acne scaring

- Smooths out wrinkles and fine lines

- Tightens and lifts the face

- Define jawline

- Improves the absorption of beauty products

- Reduces puffiness in the face and especially the eye area

This is exactly why I created a one hour workshop to teach you the FACIAL CUPPING selfcare method!

After taking the workshop, you will be able to use this method at home with an easy protocol that will take you 5 min or less (after practicing just a few times) - the safest, cleanest best way to get A glowing, tight & lifted face!!!



What will we learn?

Basically Facial cupping FROM A to Z! including:

-How to use the cups correctly

-2 techniques for working with the cups

-A full facial protocol that will take you less that 5 min

-Facial cupping ritual

-How to care for your cups


Who is this appropriate for?

Any woman that wants to learn a natural method to slow the facial aging process - smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles. Increase blood flow. Increase collagen production.

All with just 5 minutes of work!

Who is it not appropriate for?

-If you had botox/injections in the last 3 months, you won't be able to work on the injected area;

-If you have thin fragile skin

-If you have open wounds or burns on your face/neck

-If you have skin cancer or many moles in one area on your face.

Feel free to take a look at my Instagram and website!


In person option - May 23, 7pm* in Tampa, FL (Carrollwood) - SOLD OUT

Zoom option - June 6, 8pm EST* (there will be a recording available for 2 weeks)

Early Bird Price - $45 

*minimum 6 participants in each

In the signup box below you will be asked to select your chosen time and if you select a cupping set to be shipped, I can only assure on time arrival if you sign up by 6/1 (there will be a recording available for a week, so don't hesitate to sign up after and practice with the recording!) 

Questions? Feel free to call or text me


Who am I?

My name is Adi Kaplan. I recently decided to follow my love and passion for natural & holistic wellbeing by starting my company Facial Healing by Adi  and  became a certified Facial Reflexologist. Then, got a European Facial Cupping certification.


Went on to getting certified by Cicely Braden in Gua Sha and lastly took a Face Taping course for professionals - the Eastern European way. All top notch teachers for the best methods out there.

These methods work wonders! They treat the body naturally while adding a cosmetic benefit – now who doesn’t love that?

How It All Started

I have a Masters in Industrial Engineering, but went a totally different direction. At the age of 40, when many of my friends decided to go the Botox way, I knew I was going to work my way into well-aging (I am not anti anything :-) ) and decided to go the NOtox way! I will do all I can to reduce my wrinkles, get a glow to my face and look great THE NATURAL WAY. Besides, every wrinkle I have - I earned with hard work :-)

I love teaching people. I love seeing results. And most of all - I love the compliments I get from my clients after they learn and implement the modalities in their skincare rituals!

With lots of love and appreciation!


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